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Life with dogs can be so much fun. Dogs are People's best friend, those who love dogs know what they really are and how much they care for their owner. Here is the story of a man who lives with his French Bulldogs. The dogs mean life to him.

Daniel Wemyss, an aspiring/ self-taught photographer is a 26 year old dog lover who lives with his 2 French Bulldogs named Brixton and Ezra in the Highlands of Scotland. The place is a small seaside village near Inverness (The home of the Loch Ness Monster). They live on the Black Isle where the nature is in full form with beautiful green fields, forest and stunning beaches. he always had a passion for French Bulldogs. For around 4 years, he was longing to have one. Once while walking down Inverness High Street, he saw a pup and his obsession still became stronger. It took 4 years for researching the breed and making sure he was ready for the responsibility.

Daniel was extremely close to his grandma, who passed away in 2015. He always talked about his love for French Bulldogs and she encouraged him to get one. She too adored dogs and had a Jack Russell and a Phalene Papillon. Sophie and Mille lived happily with his mom and dog Cody Bear after she passed away. he experienced an emotional moment when he once traveled to Glasgow to get Brixton. It was only when he left did he realize that his birthday was on the same day as his Grandma's. He just couldn't believe it! He believed she somehow brought Brixton to him. He helped him to get over the loss of Grandma more than he could ever know. Brixton was not a name that was thought about seriously, he was, in fact called Teddy for the first night of his life. 'Teddy' was the name Daniel swore his French bulldog would be called, right from the day he saw the puppy at Inverness High Street. Daniel always loved London as a city and the name, being an area of London, just popped out. Daniel hopes to live in London and believes the name suits his beloved dog perfectly! 

Daniel & Brixton 

Daniel did not choose Ezra's name, Ezra was a rescue! Due to no fault of his own, Ezra was re homed  by his previous owner and Daniel was lucky enough to give him a home with himself & Brixton. He was already named, he had grown up too, so Daniel thought changing his name would not be a good idea. People would always ask 'Why Ezra' but Daniel thought 'is it not unique just like him?'

Brixton's birthday is on 22nd November, he is now 3 years old. Ezra was born on 30th March and is aged 2 years.

Brixton and Ezra are the complete opposite of each other, yet alike in so many ways. It may sound strange, but true! Brixton is sensitive, loving and loves to be cuddled but likes to enjoy his space when he goes to bed or onto the stairs for a snooze fest!

Ezra doesn't really care about most things and is happy doing what most dogs do. He loves to be cuddled all the time and be in your space. He enjoys being cradled like a baby and this could be the cutest thing you could ever witness! Ezra follows Daniel wherever he goes. Even when Daniel goes to take a shower, Ezra eagerly waits for him by the side. Life with dogs couldn't just be better!

Daniel & Ezra 

Coming to Daniel's house, it is yet to be decorated - he is still working on it. He is a minimalist when it comes to style, so white walls, tan leather chesterfield sofas and lots of real exotic plants are what he prefers. He loves minimal art prints and quirky decorative features- the life size Flamingo in his living room is the perfect example. Daniel tends to become fascinated with something random every few months or so and he starts collecting them. He now is enthralled with plants and you will find varied plants in his home. He has started collecting his latest obsession. From skulls, insect taxidermy to art prints and plants, he has collections that can surprise anyone.

When it comes to his personal style, being minimal is what he likes- just like his home decor! He has a passion for leather jackets and possesses a nice collection from designer to charity shop bargain finds- his all-time favorite!

Daniel believes that his personal style gets reflected in his choice of Brixton and Ezra's accessories. He has a top quality handmade leather lead and collar set beside a good Tartan or Harris tweeted coat or collar and lead set- they are Scottish after all! They have been told many times that he looks like he has matched his outfits to his Dogs accessories. This can sound awkward, but cool! He, however, does not do it intentionally but knows he must subconsciously.  Brixton and Ezra receive a lot of compliments for their accessories as Daniel always buy them items that match well with their fur coloring/ markings. This may seem odd to some people, but for Daniel, they look extra beautiful when their collars match with the fur. They also look striking with unique fur patterns and coloring.

 Ezra & Brixton are wearing BIBI collar & TANGO lead in Cognac color 

Daniel is now pursuing freelance photography. He is self-taught but believes the best way to learn is to go out and do it. Brixton and Ezra have grown in popularity since setting up of their Instagram accounts. It is due to this fact that Daniel is now popularly called 'Dog Photographer'. People say being a Dog photographer suits him perfectly. He is passionate about portraits- be it human or animals. However, he says that he is most interested in manipulating dog's images with an intention of bringing a smile on the people's faces. This is quite unique but that's what his aim is! This also shows that those who love dogs are warm and calming besides being able to cheer others around.

For Daniel, it is really hard to stay away from them, especially when he has to go out for the weekend. However Daniel has a wonderful, caring family who adore the French Bulldogs just as he does, so he has nothing to worry about!

The best time of the day for the Dogs is 7 pm on a sunny warm summer day, or any day really when they walk along the beautiful sandy beaches, as the Sun goes down. They are so lucky to be living in a house that is located close to the beach. Brixton is calm until he finds a rock, then all you can hear is his Frenchie screeches in the distance. Brixton's obsession is beach rocks and he loves rolling on and tumbling from them.

Daniel has an unbelievable love for Brixton and Ezra. Words can't describe the joy and hope they bring him. The dogs have changed his life immensely. They are his life, his world! Everything he does revolve around them and honestly, he wouldn't have it any other way. He is so proud to have them in his life and to call them 'his'. He is enjoying every moment of his life with dogs and would do anything in the world for them. Not a day passes by without his caring for them.

There is no doubt that dogs are the most lovable and faithful animals. You can understand this only when you have a dog. When you have no one in life, a dog can be everything. With a dog in your life, it is possible to forget pains and sorrows. Such is the love and care it showers on you. Life with dogs can be emotional, fun-filled, adventurous and caring!

Brixton & Ezra