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Rachel lives in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada with her husband James, three-year-old son, Oliver, and their French Bulldog Violet. She is a lifestyle and portrait photographer and graphic designer at Rachel Simpson. She loves capturing candid moments; she believes the natural interactions and expressions between loved ones are beautiful and appealing. After delivering her son Oliver, her interests turned to photography on children and families. She absolutely loves what she does. She is also obsessed with dogs and loved to have one as her family member. She got the opportunity, not long ago, and Rachel was quick to grab it at once.

Violet 's wearing BIBI collar in Rose color 

She fell in love with French Bulldogs, the most stylish dogs, a few years ago before they became all the rage. She is  not sure what exactly drew her to these  dogs, apart from their obvious adorable faces and cute snorty behavior. Violet is now 6 years old and she was just a 9 weeks puppy when Rachel's family brought her home. Rachel  just always loved the name Violet, she likes old fashioned names. If she had a daughter before Violet entered their lives, she would have named her Violet ! Such is the passion she has for traditional names. Violet is a simple dog, so letting her run around a backyard and then giving her a piece of grilled chicken is all she would ever ask for. Generally, Violet doesn't like other dogs, but when she was taken to visit her mom's last litter of puppies, Violet was gentle, playful and sweet to them.

Violet is talkative, yes you heard it right! She can talk, not in English, but has an entire language of barks, whines, rabbits and squeaks that she uses to communicate in style! However Rachel's family is used to her language and precisely understand what Violet is trying to say. A couple of years ago, she did a horrific thing. It was horrific then, but now, the family laughs at it. It so happened that she jumped into a pond to chase a duck and Rachael's husband had to dive in after her because she couldn't swim. Violet was so innocent and naughty!

Rachel & Violet 're wearing BIBI collarLOULOU pochette & ANDI slides in Rose color . 

Life with dogs is not only fun, it is about responsibility as well. Violet is as important to the couple as Oliver and they believe Violet has made their family complete. The family cannot imagine their lives without Violet and the dog is given all the care it deserves. Violet plays heartily with Oliver and happily runs around the backyard. Having a dog in the family is such a pleasure! Urban dogs like Violet are perfect for a city like Toronto. Rachel's family shower love and affection to Violet and she is being loyal and affectionate too.