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Viktor and Yohji Miyagi (Sighthounds) were brought to stay with a couple having dissimilar concept about dogs in a monochromatic apartment in Berlin, Germany. Julia is into Japanese aesthetics and she is also a freelance graphic designer who works from home. She has always wished to have a dog in the house for a long time now, but her husband never liked the idea. Later, they reached a concession; WHIPPETS ! not too big, short hair, and very quiet. Though this wasn’t her primary selection, but after reading the specifics and doing a thorough doggy breed selection test it appeared like the best dog that’ll fit their home. 

Having flair for Japanese aesthetics and understanding little of Japanese language, she sort for a name for her new pet and finally choose Yohji. This is a very common name for boys in Japan and it means toothpick, funny right?

Yohji Miyagi happens to be the older dog while Viktor is younger. Viktor’s name was chosen as he was born on same day as her grandma (Wiktoria), so they named him Viktor. Many people say these pets have many similarities with their human owner; even their wardrobe looks alike, generally in white, black and grey colors. That’s what I call “minimalism”. Though Viktor and Yohji appear almost identical, but psychologically they’re like Yin & Yang. One is restless and energetic (could play Frisbee and jump around for hours), and the other is super lazy (could sleep on the couch all day). 

Viktor and Yohji Miyagi are attractive creatures and somewhat different from the “usual” dog. They can be very gentle, quiet, and also super lazy indoors, no wonder they are called “couch potatoes”. But when it comes to outdoor activities they transform into super athletic sprinters. Whippets are recognized as the world fastest accelerating land animal. They enjoy running, particularly with one another and seeing them run at full speed is what Julia loves about them. 

Julia is a freelance graphic designer so she is always at home with Viktor and Yohji & She hardly ever left her dogs all alone at home. Initially she spends her weekends sitting on the couch, but since the arrival of Viktor and Yohji she now walks about 10 km every day with her pets in order to maintain their fitness. You can say she never existed on the internet because she had no social media account, but her love for dogs made her register an account on _wand_wand  

Late evenings happen to be Viktor and Yohji’s favorite time of the day, when they’ll both jump and snuggle on their bed (generally it is a normal thing for whippets to sleep in human's beds). Rolling up a whippet under a blanket generates warmth, so their owners do not need additional coverings, socks or hot water container during cold seasons any longer.

Bringing Viktor and Yohji into their home was one of their best ever decisions & now they are completely in love with sighthounds.



Viktor in Stone color coop accessories  ( BIBI collar, TANGO leash & ACE poop bag pouch )

Viktor & Yohji Myagi wearing BIBI collar in Stone color 

Viktor wearing  BIBI collarTANGO leash & ACE poop bag pouch