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Though born in Los Angeles, Kaleen loves San Francisco and has been living in the city for the past 7 years. She could hardly envision herself leaving the West Coast. Raised in the Bay Area, Kaleen loves her life and her home. She has a very comfortable and modern home which she loves to decorate. Drawing inspiration from Instagram, she picks neutral tones for her entire décor to create a cozy outlook for her home. Kaleen works for Amazon at a logistics warehouse in San Francisco.

Kaleen has a beautiful family of five members but presently she lives with her boyfriend and their two lovely frenchies. Actually it was her boyfriend’s idea of bringing a frenchie into the family. He loved frenchies as he was truly besotted by his friend’s frenchies. He felt French bulldogs are the best dogs in the world with all that love they shower on their masters.

Now Kaleen and her boyfriend have two frenchies. They have named them- Tinker and Tank. Tinker, their brindle frenchie is 4 years old and Tank is their white frenchie who is 2 years old. Both these frenchies were brought home at 6 weeks because it is the best time to bring home a puppy.

As Tinker was their first puppy, they did not really know how to train her and take care of her when they first brought her home. She had the run of the place when they were not at home. One of her favorite pastimes was to grab the toilet paper and drag it throughout the house and then shred it all over the place. She used to create a ruckus in their home with her tiny mischievous pranks. However, by the time they brought in Tank, Kaleen and her boyfriend were a bit more experienced now. They trained him right away from the crate. Now it seemed a lot easier to take care of their lovely puppies.

In fact, Tinker was the last puppy in the liter as all other puppies were adopted before her. Tinker spent most of her time with the breeder before she came home with Kaleen. The breeder had warned them that she was naughty and playful and it proved to be just right. Tinker loved being mischievous with everyone around. She used to grab huge leaves in her mouth and run around the house and garden. She even barked at people so that she could get them to play with her. She is such an adorable puppy.

It was Kaleen’s love for Disney Tinkerbell that made her come up with the idea of naming her beloved frenchie Tinker. But not just Kaleen, even her boyfriend’s love for sneakers named Tinker Hatfield contributed to this cute and adorable name. They named the next pup Tank just to play off Tinker’s name. Moreover, they felt the name Tank really complimented his big personality!

With these two lovely, mischievous and loving puppies, Kaleen feels that there is never a dull moment in their lives at home anymore. Her boyfriend often jokes how bored they were earlier without these funny frenchies in their lives. Moreover, now they get to meet many other dog and frenchie lovers whom they would have never met otherwise.

Kaleen is fortunate enough to be able to pick her own schedule so that she can coordinate with her boyfriend and be with her frenchies too. Kaleen feels that it is unfair to bring dogs to your lives and just leave them alone at home. Dogs love company and feel safe, protected, cared and loved when they are with someone at home. Leaving them alone at home seems so heartless to Kaleen. She makes sure that someone is at home all the time with her frenchies.

Kaleen feels the best time of the day for the family to enjoy a walk is afternoon. It is the time when they go for long walks and play with their frenchies. They are so pumped up with energy during afternoons.

What Kaleen loves about Tinker is that whenever she senses that Kaleen is going out she gets extra playful by barking and jumping before she walks out of the door. Tinker hopes that Kaleen stays back and plays with her. Her frenchies are just so adorable and spoiled. Kaleen makes sure that their frenchies are loved to the core. She takes so much care of them by giving them endless treats. Sometimes, she even gives them her food. She loves to take them to long walks, no matter rain or shine.

There is so much love in the family ever since their frenchies have come in through that door. Kaleen can hardly remember a day in her life when her puppies were not there at home. They are more than family now- so playful, cheerful and loving. She feels that ever since she has brought them home, she has a responsibility to the dogs. She is keen on giving a good life to her dogs.

All that Kaleen and her boyfriend want now is to keep their French bulldogs happy, healthy and safe with their unconditional love and affection.


 Tinker 's wearing Tango leash in Cognac color 

Tank & Tinker 

 Tinker 's wearing Tango leash