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It all started early February 2016 when Sun, the Founder at Mochi x Mochi NYC made the very first Mochi ball for her two lovely pups Sofie and Mustang. She wanted to make their first birthday exceptional by gifting something unique.

Sofie and Mustang are the world to Sun, they are 3 year old Shih Tzus. While Sofie is a cute, smart girl whose expression says everything, Mustang is a sweet heart who enjoys snuggling all day. The two charming pups have made her life creative and inspiring.

Sun bought different kinds of toys for her darling pups, but they soon lost interest. The excitement lasted for a very short time. They enjoyed chewing her socks from the laundry basket more than anything else. This made her realize that these are dogs, and are more concerned about the smell of an object rather than its look or purpose! Dogs love to sniff and chew!!

Sun desperately started looking for a toy that would have a natural scent and a soft texture. She also wanted the material to be natural and chemical- free for her clever deconstructors. However she could not find an organic toy, so she made one! Such is the dedication she has for her pups!

Sofie and Mustang loved their first custom- made toy instantly, which was a very touching moment for Sun. The pups found the toy irresistible and kept chewing on it. Called 'Mochi Ball', it was softer than the other toys- very easy for them to produce a squeaky sound. The name "Mochi" derived inspiration from traditional Japanese rice cake and is believed to be a symbol of good fortune. The cake has a fluffy texture and Mochi ball has it too.

Sun is determined to see dogs and puppies stay healthy and happy. She believes that she can make toys that help keep them that way. She is of the opinion that life is too short for pups, so they need to enjoy being close to nature! Mochi ball provides that perfect opportunity to experience the fragrance of nature besides being able to sniff on farm animals.

Sun chose a US farm for wool, where Sheep are treated humanely and cruelty is a strict no. She believed that happiness in the Sheep would transfer to their wool, and dogs could easily recognize this difference with their sixth sense. This is the prime reason for using premium wool that was never exposed to any harsh chemical during its processing.

Sun also thought that introducing a beneficial ingredient through a toy would be a great idea. She used USDA approved organic turmeric and beet for the color and scent in Mochi ball. While Turmeric is well known for relieving rheumatoid arthritis pain, beet helps in reducing inflammation. There are many dogs that do not get a balanced diet throughout their lives but Sun has recognized the importance of healthy food for dogs. She therefore gives turmeric and small pieces of cooked red beet to her dogs regularly.

Sun faced many challenges while trying to produce a high quality toy in the USA but never gave up. She made sure that the wool came from farmers who appreciated animal welfare and gave lots of love to their animal. She was lucky enough to find a few farmers who had a strong commitment to sustainability, who raised their sheep and processed their wool onsite, in their own mill. One is certified organic and organic predator friendly facility. Another has a farm in California and working towards recovering endangered sheep breed, to prevent it from going extinct. Mochi x Mochi appreciates their efforts and ethics and would continue supporting small farms in USA. Moreover, the company would also try to find more farms in different regions of the world which might be challenging. However, the people here also believe that all good things take time.

Mochi x Mochi will keep up their efforts to find out what dogs love to play with. Currently, they are adding varied color and texture to Mochi Ball. Even though they have started with a small object, their ultimate goal is to create an innovative and happy living environment for both dogs and humans.


Mustang & Sofie

Sofie LOVEs her Turmeric Mochi 

Mustang & Sofie ,  two happy pups 

 Mustang and his MOCHI  balls

Mochi Turmeric , Mochi Pure , Mochi Beet