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Sarah Bridgeman lives with her English bulldog Mabel in Buffalo, New York.  She is a lifestyle and wedding photographer at Sarah Bridgeman photo. She also does graphic design/ branding for musicians, authors, and entrepreneurs. She has worked with nonprofits documenting the life of impoverished countries to bring clean water, education and hopes to those affected. 
Out of all her work, her favorite subject to photograph is her dog, Mabel. Mabel has a sweet and gentle spirit with a human-like personality that you can't help but laugh to look at. Since Sarah was young she always dreamed of getting an English bulldog. In her mid-twenties, she started working from home and knew it was the perfect timing to get a dog. A good friend found Mabel in the newspaper and together they drove a few hours to pick her up. Her white fur was gray from being so dirty but that face was impossible to resist. 
They moved to a little village outside of Buffalo and Mabel quickly gained popularity among the neighbors. On their walks, she insists on stopping for each person they see. They call her the mayor of the street. Sarah jokes most of the neighbors don’t know her name but they all know Mabel ! And are usually waiting for her with a treat.  


 Mabel is Wearing Bibi Collar & Tango Lead in Rose color 


 Mabel is Wearing Bibi Collar & Tango Lead in Rose color 



This past year Mabel went from being an only child for 6 years to become a big sister to multiple foster babies that they have taken in. Sarah wasn’t sure how Mabel would handle the once quiet home, where she reigned as queen to a home filled with babies crying and visitors in and out. Mabel jumped right into the role and made it her job to watch over the babies.  Some of the babies suffered from drug withdrawal, which meant hours and hours of screaming. And Mabel stayed right by their side….earning the name #nannymabes. 

The thought of fostering babies alone and running a full-time business was a scary thought for Sarah. But Mabel’s sweet presence made her feel like she wasn’t alone. Especially through the long exhausting nights.  

Mabel is without a doubt a gift from God. Filling a space in Sarah's heart she never knew was missing.  This year they are working on a children’s book based on Mabel and her adventures in the neighborhood. Follow along her instagram to stay updated!