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When Brazilian entrepreneur Carla S. set out to create Pipolli -a dog accessories brand that has reached cult Status on Instagram- she looked to combine the playfulness of her home turf with the simplicity, functionality and affordability of Scandinavian design.

But the heart of Pipolli lies in more than a love for minimalist puppy goods; Carla’s efforts stem from the affection she has for her own furballs: Piggy & Polly.  Piggy is 5 and Polly is 3 years old They are two French bulldog sisters with fun personalities and adorable looks .The pair of French bulldogs pack serious punch of personality, which has led them to appear in photo shoots for the likes of Volvo, Movado, W Hotels and many others. 

 When they are not modeling for luxury brands, they’re the focus of Carla’s lens back home: Photography is her hobby and she really enjoys capturing little moments of their lives and sharing their daily cuteness and adventures on Instagram. "The intention is to simply put a smile on people’s faces.”

 The duo are more than capable of that. Adorable enough when in the buff, they’re downright irresistible strutting in Pipolli’s leather collars and signature striped shirts or lounging in a matching canvas teepee. It’s easy to see how Piggy & Polly and Pipolli products became so beloved. 




Polly wearing  Pipolli x coop bowtie collar in Stone & Rose color 

Polly modeling  Pipolli x coop leash  in Rose & Stone Color