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Mystic Knotwork, located in historic downtown Mystic, Connecticut is owned and operated by Matt Beaudoin and his wife Jill.  The business (previously called 'Beaudoin's Rope Locker'), was started in 1957 by Matt's Merchant Marine grandfather Alton Beaudoin, and was handed off to him in 1996.  Prior to starting the business, Alton had practiced and honed his knot tying skills while on the McCormick line's cargo ship route between Rio to New York City.  The legacy can be extended back to Matt's great grandfather who had captained ships through the St. Laurence Seaway.  

In 2008, Matt rebranded the business into Mystic Knotwork and launched the website in 2009.  Mystic Knotwork was noticed by Martha Stewart's team in 2011 and was honored as one of 6 Heritage Artisans during the American Made Summit in 2014.  Today, the functional hand-tied nautical knots can be found all over the world.

we at coop are so great full to find this amazing team to help us with making LITO toy with best quality material in USA.


A minimal rope covered wooden ball that is durable and long lasting. The tug feature is great for some rough fun and great for tossing.This particular knot technique called the      " Nautical Monkey Fist "  is  crafted by our fine friends over at Mystic Knot Work in Connecticut. The rope is custom made in the USA from tough American fiber that holds up to even the roughest of tug and play.  this special toy comes in 2 colors f, combination of Bone or Stone color cotton rope with Taupe color cotton cord wrapping around for happiest play time of your urban stylish hound  .