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Miriam lives in Hannover with her boyfriend and their dog, Lotti. They have an apartment in the center of the city which is located towards the northern part of Germany. Miriam is 29 years old and she has a blog called Golden cherry. It was in July 2013 when Miriam started her blog as a means to express her thoughts to the world. She used her blog as a medium to showcase her creative ideas. Some of the things that define Miriam are fashion, design, traveling and some good vegan food. And she loves to share her experiences with everybody. Sharing makes her feel happy and content.

Her love for minimalism is reflected in every aspect of her life including her home décor and her wardrobe collection. Her favorite color is black and she believes it to be a timeless color that can go with everything and on every occasion. Whether it is a modern outfit or something that has a classic touch to it, black is perfect for everything. 


Miriam is wearing her Andi Slides & Lou Lou Pochette  in Onyx Color 


Miriam does full-time blogging and she is not only best at what she does but she also loves her job. Apart from this, she also works as a freelance editor and works with certain online magazines. She also works as a Social Media Consultant. But her blog is what she gives her full attention to and is her main daily business. Anyone who has a knack for fashion and loves traveling the world should definitely check out Miriam’s blog. She is very good at expressing her feelings through her words and her beautiful portrayal of her tales is sure to keep anyone engaged. 

Miriam’s adorable black Frenchie, Lotti, turned 9 and she is a part of her family now. Being a chic dog, Lotti really knows how to make them laugh with her skills. Miriam loves her so much that she cannot imagine a morning not waking up to her adorable puppy. She has become a part of every moment that Miriam spends. Because of her location-independent job, Miriam gets to spend 24/7 with Lotti but that doesn’t really seem enough. If Miriam goes on any meeting or has to keep an appointment, Lotti usually accompanies Miriam. But when Miriam goes for a vacation or goes out of town for a few days, Lotti stays with Miriam’s boyfriend’s parents. She enjoys their company as well and stays quite happy. This enables Miriam to have a wonderful holiday knowing that Lotti has not been left alone. Miriam says that Lotti has been the best thing that happened to her and she is the loveliest dog ever. Both of them are happiest when they are by each other’s side. They enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.


Miriam & Lotti's walking gears, Bibi Collar & Tango Leash in Onyx color 


Miriam also bakes for Lotti to surprise her and make her happy. Lotti loves the delicious dog cake that Miriam bakes. But in general, Lotti is a dog who loves food. When Miriam bakes for her, those are the best kinds of mornings. Lotti does not really like to get out of bed until it is 11 am in the morning. After she wakes up, she loves to have her breakfast enjoying the Sun.

The best thing for Miriam is hugging Lotti after coming back home. Lotti is always waiting for her whenever she is away. It is a very happy moment for both of them and moments like these never fail to make Miriam smile. Her love for dogs is evident and reflected in the connection that she shares with Lotti. So, this was not just another tale of a working mom & pup but of an extremely creative person and her pup who forms an integral part of her life.


Lotti 's Wearing Bibi collar & Tango Leash in Onyx