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Margarita and her husband Petr live in the Czech Republic with their two cute dogs, Marvin and Margarita. Margarita Fisko was originally born in Kazakhstan, before moving to Czech Republic at the age of 20. She is very fond of travelling and had previously travelled to Europe with aspirations of travelling to USA. She has a lot of friends in the States and had always wanted to go there, but after spending some time in Czech Republic, she met with her husband Petr  and decided that she wanted to stay there. Petr and she share the same kind of temperament when it comes to travelling and hence both of them travel together these days.

By profession, Margarita is a hair stylist. She has her own small hair salon and works there. However, she had always had a fascination for the art of photography and after spending almost 2 years on IG, she figured out that she was really good at it and also enjoyed it at the same time. At the present moment, Margarita is trying to figure out and learn everything she can about the art of photography and how to pursue it professionally. Her main motive is to become a brand photographer and product stylist.



It was in the December of 2014, around the time of Christmas, that Petr suggested that they included dogs in life, and proposed the idea to Margarita. Margarita was initially hesitant about the idea, because both her and Petr are constantly traveling and having to take care of a dog while being away can pose to be a huge problem. However, she continued researching on different breeds of dogs and about their characters. Maltese dogs seemed like the perfect choice for them, given the dogs resembled a lot to them in character. Luckily for the couple, there was a Maltese dog breeder nearby with valid certification that could help them out. Within one week of deciding that they would be getting a dog, they went and collected Marvin. According to Margarita, Marvin is the best decision that she has ever made and is probably the best Christmas gift that she has ever received. Margarita fell in love with Marvin’s father and knew that she simply had to adopt his puppies. Marvin’s father is a handsome Maltese dog and father to two 3-month-old boys. Marvin was one amongst them.

Within one week of getting Marvin, the couple’s friends who were also dog lovers, adopted Marvin’s brother. They simply couldn’t resist the idea of not owning a Maltese pup after having seen Marvin. Both the dog siblings thereby are located in the same city and even visit each other from time to time. They were also lucky that the breeder, who had provided them with Marvin, was good enough to offer the couple the great help of looking after Marvin, whenever the couple is away traveling. This reduced a lot of stress from Petr  and Margarita’s minds as they knew that their baby dog was well looked after and also had company, whenever they were away.

 Just before Christmas, on December of the year 2017, the same breeder had put up some pictures of two cute Maltese dogs on Facebook, which were also created by Marvin’s father. These two dogs were a boy and a girl and the girl dog was exquisitely beautiful. Margarita knew that she had to welcome this cutie into her family. However, it was Petr who was resistant this time, fearing that the responsibility of two dogs in the family might become too much pressure. However, Margarita was resilient in her decision and knew that it was the right one that she was making and brought the female pup into their house. Petr changed his outlook completely upon seeing Margo ,He fell so much in love with baby Margarita that he started calling her ‘our princess’ out of adoration. The relationship between these people and dogs that they own is beautiful. To their surprise and fun, their friends, who had previously adopted Marvin’s brother, decided to adopt the other Puppy  and they too now own two dogs at their house, making this one big happy family.


Margarita wearing ANDI Slides in Onyx color 


The name Marvin had been created by assembling the first part of Margarita’s name (Mar-garita) and the first part of her husband’s nickname (Vin-cent), while the female pup had been simply named after Margarita. Having Margo and Marvin in their lives has been a very happy experience for the couple, and Margo and Marvin are also great with each other. Although both the siblings differ a lot in their temperaments, with Margo being very active and small, and Marvin being a cuddly and gentle Maltese dog, who loves to give out kisses.

Margarita has an immense love for fashion and design and this love has been brought forth to the summer home that they have bought for themselves. The house that they had bought almost three years ago is situated in the village, almost 30 minutes away from the apartment that they own in the city. The entire interior decoration of the house has been handled by Margarita along with careful selection of every aspect that has been incorporated in it. Starting from the furniture, to the color combination of the objects that adorn her house has been carefully sorted by her. Margarita is very fond of the color White, and it also resembles Marvin and Margo. She has decorated her house with everything in white and in a white Provence style of designing. Margarita considers this home to be the perfect picture of heaven, steeped in the very middle of nature. She wishes to move here permanently someday and bask in the sun, create barbecues with her husband, while Marvin and Margo can run around in the open, barking at cows and having fun.

Margarita is also fond of the colors Grey and Black, and therefore the wardrobe of both the dogs is all designed in combinations of white, black and grey, pretty similar to the color combination of the dresses that she wears herself. For fun, Margarita likes to dress her dogs in matching outfits whenever she takes them out.

 Marvin and Margo have created a huge influence in the life of Margarita, with special credit going to Marvin. He has made her realize her great love for dogs and also discover her passion and skill for IG, photography and blogging.  Within one year she had started her first Instagram account @marvin_margarita, started her own blog Marvin & Margarita and also created her second travel IG account @margarita_fisko. It is for these reasons of helping Margarita discovering her talents and skills that Marvin is so adored by her. The love was so deep that it even convinced her to get the second pup Margo .


Margarita and Marvin are ready for a walk in matching Black & white outfit  - ANDI Slides & LOU LOU pochette in Onyx Color 

Marvin and Margo are spoiled like crazy by their owners and in fact Margarita and Petr love spoiling their babies. They are allowed to sleep with the couple on their bed and even have personal chairs at table at home or in restaurants. They go around with the couple everywhere, including restaurants and eat the best food that a dog could receive. They were clothes of the finest quality and receive love and care that is unparalleled. Sometimes Petr and Margarita’s friends like to joke saying that it would be great if they could switch places with Marvin and Margo, given the amount of love and care they receive from the couple. The best moment for the couple is when they go home after a long day at work. They simply lie back in their garden and sip on their wines while watching Margo and Margarita play on the grass with unbridled joy. They enjoy watching the two canines play together and it fills the couple with immense happiness.


In the words of Margarita, ‘Life is beautiful, especially with dogs.’