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Jenifer Johnson lives with her Husband Justin and their French bulldog Lafayette in Paris. Jeni was born in South Korea to a Korean Mother and an American Father. Military life had always been a part of her upbringing and because of that she was fortunate to travel and live in new cities every 4 years. From all her traveling and uprooting, she continues to feel the momentum of new experiences. Moreover, she desires change and sometimes longs for it so much that not changing the place where she lives, where she works, personal passions or the things she owns can cause a mild like-depression. She thinks it has always been in her nature to feel that way about herself and of life. Change is good for solve one as adaptable as she is.

Jeni has primarily worked in the Ophthalmic field as an Technician-Optician but since moving to Europe in 2012 she has started a blog to help keep a diary. He blogging has lead in helping companies market by being a fashion brand ambassador or product marketer. Currently, she loves to continue marketing for companies as a product stylist and hopes to continue in doing so. She is also creating home decor integrating both mirrors and stone for a unique vanity look. She would love to work and an interior organizer and photographer and she’s been aspiring to break into that market in the city where she’s currently residing.

Photography is her passion and over the last 5 years, this obsession has grown stronger. She is self-taught and feels that she has improved with her technique and subject matter. Learning is lifetime process and she enjoys it. Jeni would describe herself as a warm and kind-hearted person who prefers to be by herself, however, she enjoys sharing with the world all of the things that interest her. She’s a self-proclaimed whiz with crossword puzzles, organization and multi-tasking. 


She has always been partial to Pugs but this time around she wanted a similar breed with a snub nose and settled on a French Bulldog. Her living in France had no influence on the breed she selected. Snub-nosed dogs are he favorite breeds. She always preferred small dogs although she did consider a Sharpei. 

 Laffy who turned 3 last March was adopted when he was 6 months old. The agreement for adopting a dog was that Justin got to name him; after the famous General Lafayette. Did she give her consent to the name wholeheartedly? No, but a deal was a deal! 

LAFAYETTE  the french bulldog 


Other than being responsible for feeding another mouth nothing significant has changed for her since they added Laffy to the family. More so, living in the city and not having access to dog parks or dog beaches saddens her when comparing a dogs more active and free lifestyle in the United States that Jeni is familiar with. There are forests where Laffy can roam free but without owning a car, taking him there by bus or train is quite a trek. She wishes she can take him there more often as she would like. So she compensates by taking him with her wherever she goes and Laffy gets to go on walks at least 2x a day. 


Jeni & Laffy take a walk with coop LOULOU Pochette & ACE poop bag pouch in stone color 

Over the years Jeni has evolved with her style. When she was younger and before moving to Europe in 2012 she loved Hollywood Glam furnishings and soft colorful printed outfits. After moving to Paris nearly 5 years ago she has opted for monochromatic tones with both her home and style. Her wardrobe has remained pretty much black&white with tiny pops of color; seen occasionally. Jeans and blazers are a staple for her. Since buying their apartment last May and selling off everything they previously owned, her style is now more contemporary with neutral tones and lots of linen! She would love to incorporate linen for Lafayette somehow, perhaps in the form of t-shirts and collars, as the material is more breathable and feels wonderful both crisp and soft. Overall she thinks a Scandinavian inspired home with mid-century pieces and plenty of neutral colors and clothing to match would be ideal! Her passion and admiration of that style will slowly be incorporated in her home. 

Yes! Laffy's outfits are meant to match her home interior as she likes the cohesive look. She has dressed him up in a way to match it with her home environment. She is embarressed to say and feels strange admitting that Laffy matches her personal style. 

Jeni & Laffy wearing ANDI slidesLOULOU pochette & ACE poop bag pouch in stone color 

Laffy is her little fur child and she loves mothering him, cleaning him and providing the best foods for him by cooking real meats and vegetables. He eats better than she does! Laffy gives off a warm and innocent presence that makes her think he’s just the cutest thing in the world. She is proud to have one of the most stylish dogs on the planet.

Laffy has his own language to communicate with Jeni. When he walks up to her and starts licking her leg or arm, she knows that he is trying to express his love for her; if Laffy licks his lips when asked a question pertaining to his needs it means YES to what Jeni has asked.  Jeni loves it when he goes to the front door and yelps, signaling that he needs to go on a potty break. Humans and dogs are just inseparable!

He’s been obsessed with water bottles and beer cans he finds on the street. Every time he sees one he takes off after it and latches on so tightly and runs around!  When he is off leash along the river it could take Jeni up to half an hour to chase him down to take the bottle or can away from his mouth. Many a time she had to seek the help of strangers to help her grab him from the opposite direction of where she was, because the more she ran after him, the faster he’d run.

Jeni thinks getting Laffy a dog sibling will spoil him! She would be the happiest person and she is sure he’d love having a companion for himself too!   "

 Laffy is trying to light up the LUMIERE candle