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We all have heard the phrase "a dog is a man’s best friend" - well in this case, it's also a woman's. For most dog-owners, there is as little apprehension if dogs can truly love people. Us dog people know they do.
Kristina is a fashionista who loves blending luxury fashion and function. Being raised in a beautiful family of five (plus their 4-legged family members) in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, she grew up in the picturesque landscape of the midwest. She loves spending time outdoors, and with her all-white husky Naizak and furry calico kitty pal, Dexter. She moved to Virginia and joined a leading women’s footwear company as the creative director. There, her work and passions collide for a truly exciting work-life experience. She also manages a successful travel, lifestyle and fashion blog - Day in my dreams, sharing her inspiration around the world. 
She prefers casual, timeless luxury in fashion and her home, keeping it trendy, classy and elegant at the same time. According to her, spending more on quality pieces that last a lifetime is much more important than filling space with bits and pieces that will eventually need to be replaced.
She is in-charge of her own happiness. Her parents and her brothers are her life. Being a firm believer in the philosophy ‘invest time in people you love’, those are considered to be the happiest moments of her life. Kristina loves her furry bestie Naizak. They both love white so they are always matching. Inspired by the stars, Kristina has named her pooch "Naizak" which means ‘shooting star’ in Arabic. Naizak is also as much a part of Kristina's creative life as well as personal life, and also spotted frequently on her blog.
Naizak is a husky. Initially, it was chosen to be an office dog and they got her when she was just a puppy, and then ended up making her home as a personal pet. Huskies are naturally friendly. Theirs is not an individual love. They just love everyone. Born on May 20th, she is now 5 and half years old. Naizak is much more than a family now.
The journey of transition of Naizak from an office pet to a personal one was no less than an adventurous one.   The urban dog actually had to live with Kristina’s mother for 8 months before Kristina was able to get Naizak. Life of humans with pets, especially dogs is beyond description. Naizak and her mother have developed a super cute and close relationship.Keeping a pet involves lots of work to be done but it leaves no stone unturned to create an atmosphere of unconditional love. When Kristina is happy, so is she, when she is sad or sick, Naizak picks up on the emotional cues and cuddles her incessantly. It’s amazing how pets can identify each and every emotion of their human and read the deepest parts of your soul.
Kristina has a crazy schedule but she makes it a point to spend quality and considerable time with Naizak. They both go on play dates during lunch and their evenings are full of endless walks and play. Dogs demand and deserve love too. Kristina and her dog spend a great deal of time outdoors. They also enjoy Glamping vacations and local outdoor restaurant activities.
The favorite part of the day for her and Naizak is 6-7 pm when the whole family is together after the office. They run around the house and play games. Naizak’s favorite time is after dinner when Kristina shares one-on-one time with her. Naizak is smart, mischievous and spoiled rotten and always looking for a way out of trouble, and even back-talks if she’s scolded. Can you believe that? Naizak makes sure that she steals anything she can find on the counters when left alone, even if it is for a short time, and she knows how to get her way when she wants something.
Kristina and Naizak have unconditional love for each other. It is too difficult to select favorites from the memories they have gathered together. It definitely makes her smile when Naizak just jumps into her lap right after dinner. No matter how uncomfortable they both sit but it certainly creates one small, loving world together.



 Kristina wearing LouLou Pochette - Naizak  wearing Tango Leash & BiBi collar in Cognac Color 

  Naizak  wearing Tango Leash & BiBi collar  - Kristina wearing LouLou Pochette in Cognac Color


 Kristina wearing LouLou Pochette - Naizak  wearing Tango Leash & BiBi collar in Cognac Color