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Cavalier! The name itself sounds charming! The Cavalier dog is very loving and caring. Life with dogs can be a wonderful experience if you have a Cavalier around.

Georgia lives with her husband Jared in Sydney, Australia. Little Cavalier Jerry is a part of their cute little family. Georgia is 30 years old and has a fantastic career as a High School English teacher. However, she is now not able to work as her husband is suffering from some mental health problems. She is now enjoying being a full-time dog mum.

Georgia is a very simple lady and loves cool colors. She has used some pleasing colors to decorate her home such as blue, white and green. She is fond of blue-white combination. This way, Jerry's accessories are also based on cool colors. This is reflected in the choice of his bed and other decors. Georgia never sees Jerry as an animal, as a dog, to be particular. It is like her child. She wants Jerry's accessories to blend with the aesthetics of the house; there is no separate dog thing in her family.

Jerry has so much become one with their family that Georgia has created a website in the name of Jerry and expressed all her love for her pet on the site. Here she has started the prints for a little hobby for dog lovers and likeminded people  -  also she is running an Instagram account for Jerry where every day she shares beautiful photos of her family, especially little Jerry. Through the wider  Instagram community, they have been able to meet new people and find new interests.

Georgia and her husband always longed for a dog that would seamlessly blend into their family. They wanted the dog to be loving and caring while giving comfort too. Georgia wanted a good company for her husband and herself to find happiness and warmth in the company of the dog. Jerry was brought home when he was 8 weeks old, the perfect time to blend with a family. A very friendly dog, he has been able to change the lives of Georgia and her husband for good. He is now 21 months old. Their lives revolve around him and his needs. He gives them so much love, kindness and comfort that they forget their difficulties.

The couple, staying at home most of the time, never find it boring. Jerry is so lively that they do not feel the need to go out. They spend their time happily at home, all three eating and playing together, caring for each other's needs. This has made Jerry adapt to the home very easily.

Jerry has been naughty too, the nature the couple love. He hides behind the furniture and runs when the leash is removed. The couple encourage his naughty behavior as they too enjoy his naughtiness. He climbs on the couches, though he knows Georgia doesn't approve of this behavior. He enjoys the look of Georgia when she stares at him, when he is on the couch.

They have captured the puppyhood of Jerry on their camera and cherish seeing them. They love reliving those moments. How cute he was when he was brought home! That innocent look -they would never forget. When he was a puppy, he had a sock fetish. He ate a sock, not once but thrice! He had to be taken to a vet to see that nothing untoward happened.

Georgia takes Jerry on walks every evening. He loves going on strolls and she enjoys too. Jerry, being extraordinarily cute, grabs eyes all along. Georgia takes pride in owning such a cute little thing. She would give anything in the world to make Jerry happy.


 sunny summer day 

 Jerry & Jared 

 Georgia wearing Andi Slides in Onyx color 

 Jerry Wearing Tango leash and Ace poop bag pouch in Onyx color 

 Georgia & Jerry Twinning in coop Andi Slides , Tango leash & Ace poop bag pouch in Onyx color