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Emily lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her mom and adorable dog, Spencer. She loves animals and grew up with them. She always admired animals and her pets and dreamt of building a career, working for them. Since childhood, Emily believed that dogs are man's best friend. She cares for her dog and showers lots of love and affection; Spencer is no less, he eats and sleeps only when Emily is by his side. The two are inseparable.

Emily is also interested in fashion and interior decoration. She decorates her house in light colors to make it look bright and beautiful. White and pastel pink are her most favorite colors. Her home interiors are adorned with white and pink, not to forget Spencer's accessories and outfits. When Emily decides to buy something for her dear dog, she makes it a point to match it with her accessories. Her passion for decoration is unmatched for and goes full length to make her home look as pleasing as possible.

Emily was sure she would only do things that interest her. She now works at "Pets in the city", a doggie daycare and pet hotel. It is a dream come true for Emily, she is surrounded by heaps of lovely dogs every day and just loves working here! In fact, she feels sad when these dogs are taken away in the evenings. She loves spending more and more time with the naughty and charming dogs at the doggie daycare, and hates holidays! Emily believes people and dogs can always live together. With her job at Pets in the city, she now has a large family to take pride in. However, at home, it is only she, her mom, Spencer and her two cute cats, Ruby and Enzo.

Emily has a client that asked her to take care of her Cavoodle Scarlett for a few nights. Emily just fell for the breed and decided that she would own one from this breed. This is how Spencer became a member of Emily's family. Spencer was just the kind of dog Emily was looking for, the breed is cheeky and highly adorable.


 Spencer is wearing his  Oro Tango leash 

Spencer was born on March 23rd 2017 and he was picked up by Emily on May 20th when he was only 8 weeks old. He quickly synced into Emily's family; he was indeed a great fun to have! Emily chose the name for him from one of her favorite TV shows, 'Pretty Little Liars'. He is named after the character Spencer Hastings.

Spencer, now 2 years 3 months old, was very naughty when he was a puppy. Emily has some funny memories of Spencer, one among them that has stuck in her mind is described here. Spencer was 8 months old, when one fine day she took him out for a walk. On the way they came across a boat dock that was surrounded by smelly mud. The naughty Spencer ran over and started rolling himself on the mud and to Emily's amazement, he was covered in mud from head to toe! Emily could not control her laughter and remembers this incident whenever Spencer starts running!

Spencer has changed Emily's life in many ways. Emily as stated earlier, is only 20 years old, but she has learnt how to take care of another life. She has learnt the art of caring and nurturing and being there for animals during times of need. She has become more human and sensitive. Over the years, Emily has only changed for the better and she is grateful to Spencer for that! Emily believes dog moms are no less than any mom or caretaker.

Spencer has learned to align with Emily's daily schedule. He wakes up early morning every day and eats his breakfast with Emily. Together they head to daycare where a large family awaits them. After they are done with daycare, they head back home. While Emily looks to relax, Spencer just wouldn't allow! He wants her to play with him and keeps the ball throwing at her until she gives in. Emily cannot ignore his request, she falls for his innocent eyes every day! Her love for him is beyond words. Spencer is her child and she would give anything in this world to make him happy. His lively and ever-energetic character makes anyone fall in love with him instantly.

Spencer is growing by the day and Emily is trying to teach him new things each new day. He is the most adorable and cutest dog she has ever come across. She believes he is definitely man's best friend!