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Getting to know about  people having sweets pets is always wonderful, particularly when we see their stronger attachment and affection for their dogs. It makes them more attractive when it comes up with superb choice in fashion. We found Elodie such a person who is so much passionate about her dog’s care, outfits and costumes. We were so much thrilled when we tried to get in contact with Elodie through her blog “miss prout prout “ and she showed her willingness to give some great clicks by utilizing our designs with her Frenchie, her best friend forever ,  “Hermès “. Elodie believes that she feels happier and stronger in the company of Hermès.

Currently,she is living in a city near Paris in France along with her Frenchie BFF having great obsession for unique and modern chic both for human and dogs. She is in love with Hermès and has celebrated last 4 birthdays with him. She feels so much attached with Hermès and considers him the main cause of happiness in her life. she brought the Hermès at home when he was only of 2 months & she found him cutest creature on the earth, and felt more attached even after falling in love with Hermes. Hermes was brought from Vendée, an area in western France, famous for Brioche & Vendee Glob the only and best sailing race place found on earth.

Hermès was welcomed on earth on 4th Dec. 2012. Because it was considered the year with the “H”, and the year known for finest breed of dogs on calendar, so Elodie knew right away what she will call him and he was named “Hermès”. And it was surprisingly funny that when she checked his health record she came to know about his grandfather ,Monsieur (Louis Vuitton) & then she knew fashion runs in his family ! 

Hermès likes to remain close to her all the time and they play, cuddle and go for a walk together every day and make so much fun when at home. 

She created missproutprout  to show how much she is passionate about Hermès and photography as well. Well, she was more excited when found great obedience and capability in Hermes necessary for a French bulldog to be a great model, that’s why his images got great appreciation from people on instagram. This is also the main reason Elodie love to be with Hermès in every click/ photo-shoot session. Hermès’s fur color is the mixture of black and white and Elodiealso like to produce such images, costumes and background that show up his personality in more graceful way. This is why Hermes has been revealed as an influential Frenchie and representing and advocating famous brands that value their style elegancy and quality as well. At the moment, Hermès’ account on instagram is counted among 5 best influential dogs. 

Elodie also decided to come up with such suggestions and tips from her real-time experiences got from her passion on her blog name missproutprout. She wants to let her followers know about the useful advice and tip about dogs’ eating and living habits and encouraged everyone to join her on the discovery of this pleasant journey.

Good news for fashion lovers, they also provide both Human and Dog matching apparel every Mondays.


•Hermès wearing BIBI collar & MAY tassel in Stone color •

• Elodie carrying  LOULOU pochette in Stone color •

• Hermès  playing with  LITO knot toy •

• Hermès wearing BIBI collar in Stone color •