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Casey lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband Jeff and 3 fur kids; 14years-old Petal, 7 years-old Olive, and 8 months-old Wally. She is the founder of The Gentle Pit a lifestyle brand that supports dog rescue.

Petal was the first and last dog she purchased. It was before she was aware of all of the wonderful shelter dogs in need of homes – she thought that the pet store at the malls was where you found puppies! Petal was too tiny when she got her, weighing only 2lbs. She still remembers thinking about the name ‘Daisy’ and then realizing that she wasn’t even as big as a whole flower, rather just a tiny petal on that flower. And to reinforce that, she also has the shape of a petal on her forehead!


When she got Petal, she began to work more in-depth for dog rescue. That’s how Olive and Walter came into her life. Adopting their rescue Pitbull, Olive was very eye-opening for her. It showed her how misrepresented this breed is in mainstream media. It also revealed to her how big our homeless animal population is.

Once you have one good experience with a Bully breed, it’s hard to go back! One of her roommates in college had a Pittie. She was such a great ambassador for the breed that she has been hooked on to rescue Pitties ever since.

 Olive & Wally are wearing Bibi collar in color Rose & Marine 

Being Wally’s older sister, Olive will tattle on him when he’s in another room doing something he’s not supposed to –usually chewing on something. She’ll come to find Casey, shaking and nudging her legs until she goes to investigate. She’s such a snitch!

They have very different characteristics. Petal has an attitude for days; she is the grande dame the household. On the contrary, Olive has a sweet, sensitive core. As for Wally, it’s never boring around her -  let’s just say that much!

  Olive 's  wearing Bibi collar in color Rose 

Casey’s style is fairly traditional, combined with eclectic and rugged touches here and there. It is a sort of Pottery Barn meets Ashley Longshore and a moody pub room with dark leather and Persian rugs. She doesn’t like having anything too precious or delicate that a dog can’t jump all over it. However, she does love quirky pieces that have a story or memories attached to them. Her taste applies to every dog item too, from their furniture to what they wear.



Their best time of the day at home is after everyone has had some exercise, she has accomplished what she needed to for the day, and they all can just beach it on the couch. 

Raising and loving their dogs has given her a different kind of emotional perspective. She thinks that having to care for something outside of yourself, whether that’s human kids or fur kids, can help you grow emotionally in ways you otherwise wouldn’t.